The Red Prince Legend

According to a legend, Prince Idon of Mu discovered Atlantis just in time to move his people to the new Continent before his land was destroyed by natural catastrophe.

He came to Atlantis during sunset, and immediately fell in love with the new land. The sky and clouds were of beautiful red color, reflecting the rays of the setting sun. The leaves of trees were moved by a gentle breeze.

Prince Idon wanted to save that beauty for all generations to see. His wish came true. The image was permanently imprinted in his own looks. His hair turned red, like the color of the sky. His face was covered with freckles, the image of the leaves.

Ever since then, any time someone is looking at a redhead, he sees the image of that first sunset in Atlantis.

Because every single redhead descended from Prince Idon, who then became the first King of Atlantis, every redhead is a Prince or a Princess of Atlantis.

* * * * * * *

This web site is the Castle of one such Red Prince, a place of refuge to his red-haired brothers and sisters.

Of course, everyone is welcome to visit, redhead or not, as long as you treat us with respect properly due the members of the Royal Family of Atlantis.

The Red Prince would like to know how to address you. He asks you to enter your name, first name or a nick name, and to let him know whether you are a Red Prince, a Red Princess, or simply a visitor from a friendly family.

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