Red Prince Flips ’n Rolls

The first collection of filters I am making available to other fans of digital photography is Red Prince Flips ’n Rolls. The collection currently contains 19 filters but I keep adding, so don’t hesitate to come back.

The Original Flips ’n Rolls

What are flips and rolls, do you ask? Simply put, they either flip two channels in a 24-bit RGB bitmap, or they roll a channel from one end to the other.

They change an RGB image into RBG, GRB, GBR, BRG, or BGR. That changes the color scheme of the image without changing any shapes.

Rather than talking theory, let’s take a look at a picture of Lake Julia:

Now, suppose we flipped the red and the blue channels. The picture would now look like this:

If we flipped the red and green channels, or the green and blue channels, we would end up with one of these, respectively:

Finally, if we rolled the red channel, or the blue channel, we would get this:

It is always clearly the same image, just the color scheme is different.

The Flops

I added the flops on 1999-11-18. As their name suggests, they “flop” one or more channels. That means they produce the negative of one or more channels. While just about all image manipulation software lets you turn an image into a negative, with these plug-ins you can flop individual channels while leaving the rest of them unchanged.

That, of course is the negative of the original image produced with the Flop All plug-in.

Now, let’s take a look at the result of flopping individual channels: Red, green, or blue only:

Of course, you can also flop two channels at the same time. Here is the look of flopping red and green, red and blue, and green and blue respectively:

As you can see, channel flopping produces changes more drastic than those made by channel flipping and rolling.

The Revs

Added on 1999-11-19, the revs reverse the bit order of one or more channels. They add graininess to most images.

Download Red Prince Flips ’n Rolls


If you would like to do some RGB channel flippin’ and rollin’ of your own, simply download Red Prince Flips ’n Rolls from here. You will also need Windows 95 or better, and one of the Photoshop plug-in compatible image editors. I tested it with Corel Photo-Paint 8, Paint Shop Pro 6, and Adobe PhotoDeluxe, Home Edition 3.0.

And, by the way, the filters come with full assembly language source code! If you wish to see the source code, choose Full installation during setup.

Tips and Tricks

Using your creative imagination, you can produce some interesting effects with these filters.


To produce the haze effect, start by creating a duplicate layer containing the same image as your picture. Apply the Flop All effect, then set the opacity of the layer to half the desired haze percentage.

For example, to produce 70% haze, set the layer trasparency to 35%. Here is what you would get with our picture of Lake Julia:

However, there is a much easier way to do that. See the Red Prince Pixie Dust filter collection for a much more advanced version of the Flop filter. With it, you can achieve the haze effect without the need for duplicate layers, and you can even produce a color haze effect.

With some images you can obtain stunning results when you flop only one or two channels, and set opacity to 50%.

Enhance a Color

You can enhance one of the three RGB colors by creating a duplicate layer just like above, then flipping (not flopping) the other two colors, then again setting the opacity of the duplicate layer to something less than 100%.

For example, to make the picture of Lake Julia bluer, I created a duplicate layer, flipped red and green, and set opacity to 60%. Because the results are subtle, I am showing you the original on the left, and the bluer image on the right:

As you can see, it even revitalized the green color of the trees in the background. I took the picture in late October, that is why the dull green in the original.

These are just some tips and tricks, I am sure you can come up with more.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, Lake Julia is in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. The picture is the view from behind Nicolet Theatre. This is what we saw every time we took a break during auditions and rehearsals.

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