Photoshop Plug-In of the Week

About once a week I will post a different Photoshop plug-in on this page. Once the week is gone, the plug-in is gone. Forever.

So, if you enjoy Photoshop plug-ins, make sure to stop by every week and download it.

Below, you will find a picture I took at the local grocery store, and the same picture filtered by the plug-in of the week.

To download the Photoshop plug-in of the week, just click on either picture. Please note the Photoshop plug-in of the week is for Windows only.

By the way, I create the Photoshop plug-in of the week using the export option of Red Prince Pixie Dust Pro.

You can also use it on gray-scale images. Convert to RGB mode first if necessary.

If your web browser supports XML files, you can take a look at candy.xml, and see exactly what Red Prince Pixie Dust Pro functionality I used to create this filter.

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